Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the EPRW 2024 is now closed.

Key Dates

  • 15 April – Oral abstract submission deadline – Extended deadline: 22. April
  • 15 May – Oral abstract acceptance deadline
  • 15 May – Poster abstract submission deadline
  • 31 May – Poster abstract acceptance deadline

Poster Awards

The Poster Award Committee will prize the best posters presented on the basis of the following selection criteria:

  • Scientific Content/Quality
  • Originality
  • Design / Layout / Clarity / Self-Explanatory
  • Relevance for Routine Application
  • Personal Presentation (Answering Questions)

The author of each selected poster will receive a free registration at the next EPRW 2026 and will have the opportunity for a short presentation of their work during the poster awards session on the 20 September.

Presentation Types

You will be asked to select one of the following presentation types during the submission process.

  • Oral
  • Oral Young Scientist (authors under 30 years old) ➔ Presenting authors for Oral Young Scientist abstracts, must upload a short CV during the submission process
  • Poster presentation

The number of slots available for oral presentation is limited. Top abstracts submitted will be selected for oral presentation. Abstracts that are accepted, but not selected for oral presentation will be placed in the poster category.

Poster Abstract Topics

Oral Presentations

A number of abstracts dealing with the specific topic of “Green Analytical Chemistry, Miniaturization and Automation” will be selected to be presented as a lecture on Wednesday, 18 September 2024 (Themed Day)

Oral Presentation
Each presentation will be 20 minutes long.

Oral Young Scientist
Each presentation will be 10 minutes long.

Abstract Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines for abstract submission carefully before you submit your work.

  • Abstracts must be submitted through the Online Submission Form published on this website. Submissions via email cannot be accepted.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English, which is the official language of the Workshop
  • Submitted abstracts must be original. Abstracts previously published or presented at another international scientific meeting should not be submitted.
  • Once your abstract has been successfully submitted, the contact person (author who submits the abstract) will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via email. If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours (make sure you check your spam folder), please contact eprw.abstracts@abstractserver.com 
  • Authors will have access to their abstracts to review or edit the text via the abstract submission tool and their login until submission deadline ends.
  • Authors can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts for the Oral presentation proposals, while there is no limit for poster presentations.
  • Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract
  • All correspondence concerning abstracts will be sent to the Author email address.

Abstract Content

The length of the abstracts should be 400 words maximum, including references, if quoted. Please do not include tables and/or images.
You can create your abstract text with any text editor, have it ready in advance and paste it in the abstract form.

Abstract Title

Make the title of the abstract brief, clearly indicating the nature of the investigation. 25 words maximum

Limitations and rules

  • The same Author may act as presenting author on up to 2 oral presentations.
  • Authors must be registered participants. Only abstracts of authors who have paid their registration fees by 1 June 2024 (early bird registration deadline) will be scheduled for presentation and included for publication.
  • Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for the abstract to be published in the official conference publications.
  • The Author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract and agree to its submission, before submitting the abstract.
  • Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest: Authors will be required to disclose any conflict of interest in the Abstract submission form.
  • Abstract Author declaration: Authors will be required to approve declaration in the Abstract submission form


For all questions regarding abstract submission for EPRW 2024, please do not hesitate to contact Jasmin Greger.

Project Manager
Jasmin Greger